At present, every fitness and workout center provide exercising bikes, which has wide range of designs. Exercise Bicycles are special-purpose exercise machines that look like a bicycle but are used for exercising and not transportation, so exercise bike should not be taken out on rocks or mountains. The popular exercise bike used by people are stationary bikes, cardio recumbent and spinner bikes. Different exercise bikes have various methods of resistance like magnetic, air or flywheel. Some people change their ordinary bicycle into stationary exercise bicycle by placing it on rollers or on a trainer.

Different exercise bikes

Stationary exercise bikes help in slimming down by burning extra fats during exercises. There are three styles of stationary exercise bikes that include upright, semi-recumbent, and recumbent which are available on different prices. The user can sit comfortably on these bikes while reading, watching TV or having a conversation.

The recumbent bike is designed in ergonomic way, which increases the pedaling efficiency as well as comfort for extended riding. In recumbent bikes the user can sit in a chair-shaped seat and do pedaling on the pedals out in front. These bikes help in increasing stamina and also strengthen the muscles in legs, arms and improve the overall functions of heart. The people suffering from lower back pain and joint pain can do workout on this bike easily.

As the name suggest, Cardio bikes work on the cardiovascular system of the body. One can do both hard and easy training on Cardio Bikes just with the flick of a wrist. Cardio bikes strengthen the muscles of legs; improve the core stability and increase blood flow.

Features of exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are safe as there are minimal chances of falling from it. This bike produces no stress on body parts like knees and ankles so it is really beneficial for people suffering from arthritis. If the stress is less, then the probability of sustaining an injury during workout is less.

There are exercise bikes that are programmed according to various biking routines so now you don’t have to keep pressing the buttons to change different training level, as it will automatically switch over to the next level. Even some exercise bikes can be plugged into televisions and one can pedal while watching visual courses.

Before buying an exercise bike, one should look out for the options depending on the needs like budget, room space and type of bike. One can check out different exercise bikes offered at discount rates on various websites. There are options of old bikes in good condition, which can be appropriate for moderate user. One should also take some suggestions from the gym trainer and friends who are already using a bike to get a good one for you.

With the inception of spinner bike people have become more curious to use the exercise bikes as it not only burns calorie but also gives you an easy option of doing intense workout.